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Greyhounds Gab

Requesting Student Input for the Greyhound Gab!

The Greyhound Gab is our school’s monthly literary publication. Each class is assigned a month in which its students can submit an original creative writing piece (no puzzles, please). Topics and types include but are not limited to:
o Book review
o Teacher/staff interview
o Original poetry
o School event report (ex. first day of school, solar eclipse viewing, etc.)

While the entries should be students’ work, there may be a need for parents’ edits. The pieces do not need to be long; the purpose of the newsletter is for our Greyhounds to be creative and see their work published!

Please submit your child’s piece according to the schedule below to Lesley Work at OR submit a hard copy in the Greyhound Gab box located with the teachers’ mailboxes in the front office. Due dates are the second Friday of each month, and publication dates are usually the third Friday of each month.

All students are invited to participate unless parents have submitted an Educational Record Restriction Form. All work will be labeled with student’s first name, last name initial, and section number.

Printable Letter.pdf

October Gabpdf

November Gabpdf

December Gabpdf

Beginning January 2018, the Greyhound Gab will be posted in the Galatas News! section found on the Galatas home page.

Participation Schedule